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The Monkey is a cute and intelligent animal, so we used it as inspiration for our design.

Monkey Plush Store offers you a variety of options. All of our products are authorized by brands and made of high-quality materials. Our Monkey plushies are very soft and comfortable to hug. We are a leading professional company providing high-quality products, integrating R&D, design, production, and sales. We have reached cooperation with many express companies to ensure the timeliness of delivery. We offer free shipping worldwide on orders over $49.

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Rainbow Monkeys |Codename Kids Next Door| 11.8*9.8*3.9inches(30*25*10cm(210g))

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Why Choose Our Monkey Plush ?

Unique Design: Our strong design team will make every Monkey plush extremely adorable. The classic design and officially certified appearance will make you remember it at a glance.

Flexible Material: Our Monkey Plush toys are made of high-quality plush and filling cotton. Flexible and soft. Easy to be squeezed out to produce different effects. All Plushes have been tested to ensure the performance meets your expectation and passed the CPC(Children's Product Certificate). You can buy with confidence.

Relieve the Pressure: Good stress reliever, providing a sense of comfort and security.Monkey Plush can be helpful in situations where you have a hard time expressing your emotions or have experienced a traumatic event. They are also mediums that allow you to express yourself in different ways. Our plush is a popular gift as they suit all ages and bring warmth, joy and comfort to many people.

Home Decoration: Besides bringing joy, Monkey Plush can also be the perfect home decoration. Suitable for the living room, bedroom, office, car, or every place you like. The cute plush toys always attract attention.


Welcome to Monkey Plush Store!

What is Monkey Plush?

Monkeys are one of the most fascinating and intelligent animals in the world.  They are known for their social behavior, intelligence, and ability to learn new skills.

Monkey Plush is living in the jungle, swinging around in the trees, living a comfortable life, they have their own language and behavior, they have unimaginable wisdom, always do unimaginable things, this is our inspiration

What products does Monkey Plush Store sell?

At our Monkey Plush website, you will not only find the basics – different designs of Monkey  Plush – but also a bunch more! Our wide collection also includes

Monkey Plush

Monkey Shirt

Monkey Hoodie

Monkey Blankets

Monkey Mug, and anything Monkey related you can think of!

Why choose Monkey plush store ?

Our factory covers an area of about 9700square feet, with complete production lines and a variety of products. 

We continually strive to improve and maintain our reputation as the best Monkey plush

We have an experienced R&D team and production partners who are committed to creating high quality products for our customers and giving them the best shopping experience.

Where to buy Monkey Plush?

Our official Monkey Plush Store is the perfect place for you to buy Monkey Plush in a variety of sizes and varieties. If you would like the colors of one’s own choices. You can own it by simply putting this purchase on the best Monkey Plush official website. We make sure you get only the best Monkey Plush at the most affordable prices. Our Monkey Plush is one of a kind and you will simply love collecting it all.

Mission of our Monkey Plush Store!

Customer First We put the customer first. We're available to answer any questions you may have regarding shopping. We'll do our best for you.

High Quality Products: You will be able to use our products for years.

Speedy Shipping: With the goal of ensuring the highest quality product Your express will be delivered within the shortest time possible.

Cheap Price: You need not be worried about the cost since we want every to have Monkey Plush and we will made it affordable.

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